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October Box Theme: Things That Go Bump

Before creaky floors, distant howls and a mysterious green glow drive you deep under the covers, join us for October’s “Things That Go Bump” box to mark the scariest of seasons!

Turn the creepy world upside down with the help of teenage werewolves, paranormal scientists and telekinetic youngsters who may just protect you from ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night.

This treat will ship in time for Halloween so get one for yourself and then surprise members of your own monster squad to celebrate the season!

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FanMail is one of the best fandom-centric subscription boxes you’ll ever come across. No matter what fandoms you’re a part of, FanMail truly has something for everyone. (And then some.)



FanMail is the ONLY box that has never disappointed me. When other boxes are full of cheap trinkets and always male audience based, FanMail is there. There hasn't been a single thing in any box since they sent out the first one that I haven't liked. Keep up the good work over there! I hope to be a subscriber for my entire life.



I subscribe to several nerdy boxes, and I can honestly say that the FanMail box is consistently my favorite. Some of the others are too concerned with sending out a bunch of branded items and I’m glad you guys have stayed true to real fans!