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The Shop / ATTENDEE: "I Love You So Mochi" BookCon Exclusive Box

ATTENDEE: "I Love You So Mochi" BookCon Exclusive Box


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Product Description

Our second BookCon box features author Sarah Kuhn's upcoming novel, "I Love You So Mochi" - a book about growing up, finding purpose (and a crush), and connecting to your roots. It's an absolute delight to read and we are happy we got to work with Sarah and the team at Scholastic for this box!

This box will include:
- The new book, "I Love You So Mochi," in hardcover
- A signed bookplate and letter from the author, Sarah Kuhn
- Exclusive artwork by Fern Choonet created for the book that wasn't able to make it onto the final jacket design
- An exclusive mug featuring artwork from Jordandené, a mystery-flavored mochi plush from TeeTurtle, and a fun item from Asian American Girl Club!

We worked with Sarah to highlight a couple of her favorite small businesses, and we can't wait for you to read the book! There are only 60 boxes available - if you are picking up BookExpo/BookCon, please make sure to choose which day you will come get your box - you will need a photo ID and your order number.

NON-ATTENDEES: We have reserved a limited number of this exclusive box for those not attending BookExpo/BookCon this year. You can preorder for delivery after the show through the "Non-Attendee" listing for this product in our store.

NOTE: This order is for pickup at BookCon or BookExpo (May 29-Jun 2) at the Jordandené booth #2728 during regular show hours. You must present a copy of this order (either on paper or on your phone) along with a photo id to pick up your order. Orders that are not picked up can be shipped after the show for a handling fee of $5 plus shipping cost. Due to the limited nature of this exclusive, your credit card will be charged immediately to reserve the item for pickup. No coupon or discount codes or other discounts can be used for this item.