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The Shop / NON-ATTENDEE: "Not Your Backup" BookCon Exclusive Box

NON-ATTENDEE: "Not Your Backup" BookCon Exclusive Box



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Product Description

Our first BookCon box features author C.B. Lee's upcoming novel, "Not Your Backup" - this is the third book in her Sidekick Squad series, and we're so excited to be working with her and Interlude Press for this box!

This box will include:
- The new book, "Not Your Backup"
- A signed bookplate and letter from the author, C.B. Lee
- Pre-order incentives for ordering the book early! These include an art print, bookmark, and buttons! You will also receive a one-time use code to download the eBook for FREE from Interlude Press.
- Exclusive items featuring artwork from Jordandené and Danielle Weires, and an enamel pin from Julia Reck
- A discount code from Interlude Press for the first two eBooks, "Not Your Sidekick" and "Not Your Villain" so you can catch up before diving into the newest book!

Each of the small businesses were chosen by C.B. herself, and we're excited to bring you into the world of the Sidekick Squad! There are only 60 boxes available.

NOTE: We have reserved a limited number of this exclusive box for those not attending BookExpo/BookCon this year. This order will be shipped after BookCon in early June. Due to the limited nature of this exclusive, your credit card will be charged immediately to reserve the item. No coupon or discount codes or other discounts can be used for this item.